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February 2015

Preserving memories

Product design, marketing & strategy

We partnered with Snapfish to help them redesign their customer experience, from their marketing material to the product creation phase.

Chapter one

Designing the landing page

We used a modular system to help maintain a distinct hierarchy between the numerous content pieces that had to coexist on the page but, most importantly we customized the experience to different user types. New users could learn about the benefits of the Snapfish products, while registered users could continue working on an existing project right from the homepage.

FIG. 1
Interacting with the content on the homepage should be fun and encourage the customers to want to learn more about each product. We worked to design interactions which would delight and surprise the user, whilst surfacing relevant information such as promotions and discounted items.
Chapter two

Working with photos

Your photos are at the core of each Snapfish product and can conceivably grow to thousands over a Snapfish customer’s lifetime. For this reason, when we tackled the Photo Library, we focused on designing an intuitive and functional layout, which made browsing and uploading photos a breeze, so customers could focus on creation.

FIG. 2
A comprehensive demo of the product ecosystem: from selection to customization.
Chapter three

Creating something unique

Product creation is where the new Snapfish comes to life. We designed a responsive and scalable framework, which adapts to multiple device resolutions and a variety of product builders to support creation on the go.
A touch-based interaction model based on progressive disclosure and contextual relevance allows for a high number of editing tools to be surfaced by the users only when necessary and makes creation a highly intuitive and addictive process.

FIG. 3
The photo book builder experience on iPad.
Chapter four

Sharing your photos

Slideshows are the social component of our ecosystem.
When you add or edit a photo album, we programmatically create a beautiful slideshow for you, leveraging some of the information stored in the EXIF data of your photos (such as location, time taken, etc.) to compose a rich, animated, experience which you can share with friends and family.

FIG. 5
Playing a slideshow becomes a delightful experience for both visitors and registered users.
FIG. 6
Additional examples of slideshow slides that use EXIF time and location data to group photos taken together into a coherent narrative.
Chapter five

Documenting the design language

When building products like and Product Builders, we make sure to create extensive documentation to ensure that their maintenance is consistent to the original designs. We compiled an interactive styleguide which includes a variety of stylistic elements, for easy reference by the Snapfish team

FIG. 7
As part of our stylistic exercise, we designed a uniform set of icons, which complement Snapfish’s new brand identity. Each icon had to be carefully considered to clearly communicate its action, whether or not accompanied by a label.